People admire our quests

"Unforgettable experience in Milan!"

We have tried “Ritual of Anubis”, which is the only quest they have for right now, and it was waaaay above all my expectations! I’ve heard from my friends that quests are rooms with locks that you have to open by finding clues etc, but this one… it didn’t have any locks! The puzzles were very interesting and most definitely unique! The staff is very nice. They are opening a second quest pretty soon, and I am very excited for it! I recommend this escape room to everyone! Grazie mille to the staff once again!

- Harley M., February 24, 2017

“This is real adventure and an amazing experience!"

I’ve played multiple quests in my life but this one was simply amazing. Everything was carefully thought out and even though it took some time to get out the experience was outstanding. What surprised me was that there were no locks used in the quest whatsoever. It was very easy to access and I would highly recommend anyone to go play at questopia.

- Kelly S., April 14, 2017

“It was so exciting! I'm still full of emotions”

I went to this place a week ago, wanting to experience new emotions and bond with my friends. Obviously, this company never disappoints! So far, this was the best escape room I have ever tried! The atmosphere was amazing and the staff was welcoming. Another thing that my friend noticed, compared to all the other quests we have tried, this one does not have any locks, making it very technological (and not like those that write on their websites that their rooms are highly technological, this one is really, and I mean REALLY technological!) STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!

- Gabriella F., June 9, 2017

“It was so exciting! I'm still full of emotions”

One of the best escape rooms in Milan! It is just a place to hangout with friends and family. The idea of the escape room is very interesting, and the scenarios owned by this company are thrillingly awesome! The rooms were very well thought out and creative. Questopia is the best!
- Elyne Q., July 2, 2017