Что если в нашей команде больше людей чем допускается? Можем ли мы все равно играть?

It is always great to have a lot of friends/family members who are enjoying playing escape rooms, however, the limit for the number of people who can play exists due to the lack of space in the game and/or not having anything to do while others are solving something. So, our best suggestion for you would be to either separate into 2 or more teams and play the games separately (or you can have 1 team playing one game and the other team playing the other game). In this case, we will assure you a discount for the second game booked.

Всем в нашей команде меньше 18 лет. Можем ли мы играть без взрослых?

Sure thing, but only if all members of the team are older than 14 years old for Ritual of Anubis and 16 for Horror Underground. Otherwise, there needs to be an adult (18+) to supervise the minor (for Ritual of Anubis, all players must be 8 or above, for Horror Underground — 14 and above with adults). You may be asked to show an ID.

Это наш первый квест. Какую комнату нам стоит выбрать?

«Ritual of Anubis» is considered to be more on the easy side of the spectrum, however, if you are into horror, then «Horror underground» is the right choice. Really, there is no right or wrong answer to this question as both games will give you adrenaline and unique memories that will last forever. If you feel like you want to challenge yourself, then you should definitely try the horror room.

Есть ли в игре актеры?

No, there are absolutely no actors in the room, but you will still gain so many emotions and adrenaline throughout the game as it is thrilling and different from the usual cinema or restaurant.

Что нам одевать на игру?

There is no real dress code, but make sure you are wearing something comfortable (no high heels, short skirts/dresses, formal suits). This is because you might need to crawl, go into small places, etc. Your clothes might get a bit dirty as well. So be ready for everything!

Как забронировать игру?

It’s simple! You can either call us (+39 331 2561610), or choose a game on our website and time that suits you. If you decide to cancel this game, ensure that you do so beforehand, or if you cannot, call us. Make sure that when you do come at the booked time, you arrive at the location 5-10 minutes before and energized for this unforgettable hour!

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