Our rules

  • Time
  • No phones
  • No force
  • Electricity
  • Video
  • No spoilers
  • No alcohol
  • Violation

You will only have 60 minutes to escape. If you do not manage to do so, do not worry - we will let you out!

You are not allowed to have your phone, gadgets, flashlights, any other electronic devices and hand tools inside the room.

It is forbidden to use physical force during the game. It is not necessary to break toys, furniture and other objects in the room to solve puzzles. It is also forbidden to rip off any fabric and other decorative elements. You will only need logic, attentiveness and teamwork.

If you are not a cat and you do not have 9 lives, do not stick your fingers in the power sockets and do not pull on the wires!!!

There is video surveillance during the game, so in case of emergency, the operator will take necessary measures. The amount of hints is not limited, ask any time!

It is forbidden to discuss the puzzles if there are other teams waiting, that have not played yet.

Clients in alcoholic or narcotic intoxication will not be permitted to play.

In case of non-compliance with at least one of the rules, the operator has the right to stop the game at any time and/or not to allow the team to play, without any compensation.