Ritual of Anubis

2-4 players

60 min

Ritual of Anubis Quest – The New Escape Room Sensation

There are a lot of escape room games that have become quite popular amongst the people. A lot of these games are based on popular movies that have made a splash at the box office. However, there are also games that are structured around mythology or history. These games take a popular concept and add a mystery element to it to make it a popular escape room game.

One such game that has become the new age sensation is the Ritual of Anubis. The game has found fans in kids and the parents alike. People from all kinds of age groups are simply falling in love with this Anubis escape room game.

What is Ritual of Anubis Escape Game?

This game – one of the most popular from Egypt escape games category – derives its inspiration from Egyptian mythology. The background of the story goes as follows:

  • There is a Pharaoh who is favored by the Egyptian god Ra.
  • This Pharaoh is killed by Anubis – the jackal-headed god of the dead.
  • The necromancers who are loyal to Anubis have carried away the body of the Pharaoh to a secret ritual hall to perform a disgusting ritual on it.
  • The spirits of the dead world have already possessed the body of the Pharaoh.
  • If the ritual is completed, then the servants of Anubis will be endowed with unlimited power.
  • If the ritual is not interrupted then our world will be plunged into eternal darkness.

Now, since the Egyptian god Ra cannot let them happen, he sends you as his accomplices to the temple of Anubis. You have to navigate your way through this temple and find the door to this secret ritual hall. Once in, you have to stop the ritual from getting completed. You have got one hour on hand to stop Anubis and to prevent the world from plunging into an age of darkness.

Who Can Play Ritual of Anubis Quest Room Game?

This Egyptian tomb adventure game is quite popular amongst people of different age groups. However, the ones who are totally enthralled by the Egyptian history and their mythology will find this game particularly enchanting.

Like all other Egyptian room escape games this game too has an age restriction to it. Ideally, a person has to be 8+ years of age to be able to enter into this game and play it. If you are above 8 years but below 14 years of age you need parental guidance. Hence you can play only if your parents accompany you inside the game room. However, if you are 14 years and above of age you do not need parents to accompany you and can enter the room alone.

The game is best played in a group. The more number of people you are, the more fun it will be.

What Is the Dress Code For the Game?

The escape Egypt game rooms can be quite claustrophobic. There may also be nooks and twists that you may be required to navigate through. Hence, it is important that you wear the ideal attire when entering the game room.

As a thumb of rule, you should always wear something that is breezy and does not stick to your body. The clothes should be loose fitting and airy enough to keep you comfortable. This kind of clothes will also make it easy for you to maneuver your way around. Even your footwear should be casual and comfortable.

What you should avoid wearing to such games is:

  • Skirts
  • Short dresses
  • Heels
  • Formals
  • Jewelry

Role of Actors in the Game

A lot of horror games are meant to be scary. So, what they do is they use actors that appear suddenly in front of people and try to spook them. However, the Anubis escape room game is a mystery game with an element of horror to it. So, it is meant to be thrilling and exciting and not spooky. Hence, in this game there are no actors used anywhere. There is nobody hiding anywhere in the room to scare you. Instead, the fun element of the game lies in being able to find the door to the ritual hall and stop the ritual midway. There are clues all over. You have to be able to read them, piece them together and then go to the hall. No actors are present in the room.

Booking the Ritual of Anubis Quest Room

Like all other escape Egypt games even this game can be booked in advance. You can make a single booking for your entire group of friends or family. This way you can be sure that you have got a spot. If you do not pre-book then you may have to wait for your turn. Hence, it is always advisable to book your time at ritual of Anubis quest.


Rest assured you will not be disappointed by your experience. This is an experience of a lifetime and you will cherish every second of it.

Minimum age: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ without
There are no actors in the game.
Please, make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes (no high heels, skirts/dresses and formal attire) and that you read our rules here
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